Just Love Mission is a Non Profit Company and Public Benefit Organization(PBO Number 930049745) Click here to see certificate and is in the administrative process of registering for Article 18A  tax incentive.  Just Love Mission is also B-BBEE compliant.
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Our Motto:  Treat others as you would like 2 B treated and C a “WORLD of Difference”! Vision Statement: JUST LOVE MISSION’s vision is to change people’s lives positively, through neighbourly love (Ubuntu), by means of aviation awareness in the person of “Little Annie” an Antonov AN-2 aircraft which was donated out of love and flown all the way from Russia (Siberia) to South Africa for this specific purpose. Mission Statement: We will use  “Little Annie” as a lively and vibrant personality (based on the original comic strip and subsequent musical “Annie”) in the form of an aircraft, to kindle hope in the hopeless and to spur a desire in others to give according to their gifts. The concept of a “living aircraft” is uniquely attractive and has the potential to captivate the imagination through her exciting adventures, as people meet “Little Annie” and see how she lives out her attitude of “care-2-share” and “believe the impossible”.  She will provide much needed humanitarian aid and an opportunity to experience flight to those who did not believe they would ever know the joy of flight. It is indeed Little Annie’s mission, through her exposure in person, through media coverage (printed media, radio and possibly a reality show, ) and through social media  (website and Facebook), to become a household name with a significant following.  She will thus be instrumental in building productive relationships between sponsors and communities through the medium of aviation. Through hard work infused with ample humour and using this tangible conduit through which sustainable social and economic environments are created, we believe that JUST LOVE MISSION provides a winning recipe to see people uplifted, the environment protected,  and a positive attitude promoted among both volunteers and communities.  Strategy:  Serving ALL in love.
Leading through serving”
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