Just Love Mission Covid-19 Social Relief Programme Objectives To assist poor and destitute communities and individuals who have been negatively impacted through the Covid-19 isolation and lockdown periods as well as in the forthcoming periods of additional economic depression the country will experience. Overview Just Love Mission recognises the massive impact the Covid-19 virus is having on the poor and destitute. We also acknowledge the long term and additional economic pressures these people are going to experience not only as a result of Covid-19 but also due to the wider reaching fallout of a global economic depression. It is well understood that many people are going to lose their jobs and be forced into poverty because of this pandemic. We know that apart from the need to maintain individual wellness and the basic ability to survive, poverty often forces people into drastic situations and therein lays a host of additional and tragic repercussions for the country. When considering the number of people who will die as a direct result of the Covid-19 virus, it should also be weighed up against how many more people are going to die from poverty related incidents such as poor nutrition, disease and violence. Because our core ethos is love for others, through our various programmes, Just Love Mission is always involved with activities that reflect our care and compassion for people in need. However, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic our involvement has now greatly increased in the form of the Just Love Mission Covid-19 Social Relief Programme. The consolidated ramifications of the Covid-19 disaster are going to reach way further than most people realise. Not only will it affect the lives and livelihoods of many, it will also have a devastating impact on the social and moral fabric of our country for months and years to come. Through the Just Love Mission Covid-19 Social Relief programme, we are attempting to not only feed hungry people but to try and minimise the extent of the damage we are going to experience. Basic Programme Details Our intention is to serve as many communities and individuals as possible by providing food, sanitisation and preventative resources. While doing this we wish to be completely responsible with the resources and goodwill donated to this initiative through the way in which we administer and roll out the programme. It must be noted that we are also aware that many similar initiatives will come on line as the pandemic progresses, and for this reason we want to ensure our donors of our utmost sincerity, integrity and transparency in terms of administering our programme. In terms of the regulations and risks surrounding relief programmes of this nature, we are working strictly in accordance with Government prescribed regulations and in conjunction with the South African Police Services in terms of physically entering the areas of distribution. Additionally, all our staff and volunteers are compelled to adhere to the required sanitisation expectations stipulated by the Government through the wearing of masks, gloves and sanitising of hands etc. Utilising our resources, in the form of our Antonov AN2 “Little Annie” aircraft, ground based vehicles and storage warehouse, we are appealing for donations in the form of food, clothing, sanitation products and money from Government, corporations and individuals. Food and products which are collected/delivered to our warehouse are assembled in the warehouse into family care packages containing essential elements such as maize meal, sugar, oil, canned products, soaps, clothing items etc. Moneys raised also goes toward the purchasing of additional food and product items required for the packages, as well as fuel and transportation costs to get the packages to the underprivileged communities and individuals. Because we are Pretoria based, our relief programme is focusing on the surrounding informal settlements as a primary priority, and formal settlements and other areas are a secondary priority. The reason why we have decided to follow this strategy is so that we can steadily ramp up our resources to enable us to more easily respond further afield. We know that our work is critical and we also know the demands on Just Love Mission are going to intensify as time goes by. This is why we need your help! Areas of focus: Attridgeville/Laudium Sunderland Ridge (Mooiplaas) Olivenhoudbosch Mamelodi High level plan of rollout Our plan is to divide each settlement into sections and to assign clusters of donor supporters to each section. Our intention is to not only deliver care packages on a regular basis but to also identify additional needs that potential donor supporters can align with and possibly develop sustainable upliftment projects on an on-going basis. We see Just Love Mission’s role as that of being the medium or vehicle of co-ordinated access and delivery of aid to these settlements. Donors and Partners Because Just Love Mission is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) we rely on numerous donors and partners to fulfil our objectives. As such, all available benefits provided for under the various Governmental legislative Acts pertaining to PBO’s and NPO’s, are made available to our supporters. We are also inviting large corporates and companies in general to consider partnering with us in the form of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives in and around our social relief programme. We are interested in customising our programme to suit specific needs, but do not want to engage in customised CSI programmes that may divert us from our core objective in so far as this programme is concerned. Just Love Mission enjoys significant support from various media and communications companies and our work is often profiled and promoted in news media such as TV, newspapers, magazines and various social media channels. We recognise the importance of promoting our partners and donors and, in return, offer them exposure in these mediums alongside the Just Love Mission brand, should it be of interest to them.
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