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JUST LOVE MISSION: ZU-JLM “LITTLE ANNIE” Just Love Mission (JLM) is a charity born out of love for aviation and the positive effects it can have  not only on individual people but communities as a whole. We believe that anybody can do  something spectacular, but if it is not done with love, the shine wears off and it has little lasting  impact. These sentiments have often been echoed in the past. To quote but one famous person: In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all” - Mahatma Gandhi. JLM is a non-racial, a-religious, a-political and non-sexist charity, whose aim it is to serve all   impartially by applying the age old principle of neighbourly love (Ubuntu). We will do so by serving   through the medium of aviation in the personality of “Little Annie” (LA), the Antonov AN-2 aircraft  donated for this very specific purpose. Due to accidents, diseases, pestilence, natural disasters and/or conflict, many children/young  adults are left destitute, mostly as orphans. It is in this area that the mission wishes to place its  main focus.  The idea for the project was conceived by Mark Hill, a seasoned pilot with 36 years experience, in  both helicopters (8 364 hours) and fixed wing aircraft (4 874 hours). In 2002 already, aviation  enthusiast Gary Price suggested the AN-2 as the ideal aircraft type to reach rural areas with  unconventional landing space. However a number of personal attempts to secure an AN-2 failed. It  was only in 2011 when a personal friend, Mr Niall Olver, CEO of Execujet Global, discussed the idea  with his friend and business associate Mr Andrei Martirosov, CEO of UTair in Russia (who thought the  idea to be “cool”), that this dream was realized and ratified on condition that “Little Annie” was to  be flown from Siberia to Cape Town as part of the ocean to ocean theme.  She was subsequently adopted from a “Siberian orphanage” (UTair Cargo) and flown all the way  from Tyumen (Siberia) to Cape Town and then back to Pretoria, where she will reside with the Just  Love Mission family. The trip, which had to overcome various administrative nightmares regarding  flight clearance issues, weather, corruption, theft of precious avgas fuel and more, should have  taken two and half weeks. Instead, it took two and a half months to cover the 17 180 km (see map  below), consuming approximately 19 500 litres of fuel and 470 litres of oil.   The AN-2 aircraft was first flown on 31 August 1947 and after 67 years (1947-2014) is still  affectionately nicknamed “Annushka” by the Russians, or “Annie” in English.   Inspired by the classic comic strip and subsequent film “Annie”, about a young orphan who through  her positive outlook and undying hope of being reunited with her family, impacted the lives of those  around her in a meaningful way, it was only natural that ZU-JLM should assume the name “LIttle  Annie”. She was thus adopted for use in the Southern African theatre of operation primarily in a  humanitarian role.    What makes this project unlike any in the world today, is that while we are delivering humanitarian  services in various regions, we will afford some of the less privileged children/people the  opportunity to fly in Little Annie and receive a photo of this, possibly once in a life time experience,  to treasure. The outreach model will include tangible aid where needed, but also enrichment and  encouragement through short presentations to communities. We will use role models who have  come from similar backgrounds of poverty and need to encourage and give communities hope that  they too may achieve their respective dreams in alignment with their natural talents. “The day  Little Annie came to our village” will have a life changing impact on young and old. We believe the  persona of “Little Annie” the aircraft, will stimulate the imagination and that young children will  identify with Little Annie, who has overcome numerous challenges to achieve her dreams. There are many people who care enough to share their time, knowledge, experience and various  resources to help others to help themselves and realize their dreams. We hope you will come on  board to help people to experience the strongest force in the Universe, Love, and to kindle the  desire to achieve the seemingly impossible, through perseverance. The people that have met with Little Annie will be able to remain motivated and in contact as they  follow her adventures through life via facebook, the website and print media. We hope to gain  broader exposure via radio and television. “Little Annie” will be a catalyst in building lasting  relationships between communities and corporate or private sponsors, for creating sustainable living  and growth opportunities for all. 
Dec 11 2012 Belgorod