Little Annie
Welcome to my fund raiser!
Little Annie Needs Your Support Please! “My name is Little Annie. I am an orphan who was donated from Russia and flown all the way to South Africa. I attend most of the air shows throughout South Africa and the surrounding Countries. On the day before or after the air show I take the orphaned and the underprivileged children from the area who have never had the opportunity to experience the joy of flight, to give them hope, encouragement and to share my true-life story with them. My hope is to inspire them to achieve the seemingly impossible in attaining their dream commensurate with their natural talent. I have flown more than 3000 children since I was adopted by Mark Hill and his family who founded the Just Love Mission Charity. I was invited to the Newcastle Air Show on the 1 st of June for the very first time! My bags were packed, and I was on my way. While I was flying, I started coughing up oil and my engine made a big bang sound! Fortunately, my brother and father were able to land me safely at the Newcastle airfield. The Drs came to have a look at my engine and after having a boroscope done and receiving a bit of medicine I was able to fly again! The Drs recommended that I have my engine replaced as my flying time with this engine is almost done! Unfortunately, my family cannot afford to purchase a new engine however I received a phone call that someone is willing to give me a reconditioned engine at a very low price which will allow me to continue my passion in life for many years to come! I have started a fund-raising competition which will hopefully allow my family to raise enough funds to have my new engine purchased and put in. The Bose Headset company kindly donated a headset which anyone who donates R50 can stand a chance to win! I am very excited and am hoping to raise enough funds before the end of the year! If you would like to enter please send a whatsapp to 0676127650 and more information will be sent along to you! If you would rather prefer to do a donation, the good news is that because I am a registered NPC and PBO that is B-BBEE rated as well as article 18A registered and can benefit those with corporate social investment responsibilities, you can also claim a sizable percentage of your contribution back from tax. If you would rather not claim back from tax I will be very excited to give you recognition and exposure for your charitable donations! Please contact my family should you be able to assist: 0817770444 or I am excited to hear from you and hoping that this challenge of me needing an operation will be able to be sorted out, so that I can carry on with my passion of sharing my ability to take children flying and giving them hope for a better future Stay Safely inspired”